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cross posted on Sojourners and Brian Just recieved this: I am one of the conservative Christians you refer to in your letter. I did not and still do not support President Obama although I do know that there is […]

Health Care forums have gotten kinda crazy so it is nice to hear someone just tell it like it is: Rep Barney Franks gives the people what they may or may not want at his health care forum: 

Katherine Marshall is a senior fellow at Georgetown’s Berkley Center for Religion, Peace and World Affairs, a Visiting Professor, and a senior advisor for the World Bank. Cross posted from WashingtonPost’s Georgetown On Faith. Hospital waiting rooms are glum places […]

Yesterday, Ed Schultz posed a question on both his radio program and his MSNBC show:  Where is the religious community on health care?  Ed, a Christian who admits he is not a regular churchgoer, sees the issue in pretty simple […]

John Gehring is Deputy Communications Director and Senior Writer for Catholics in Alliance for the Common Good   It’s not every day you see a commentary penned by a Catholic priest with this headline: Bishops Wrong: Health Care Not a […]

The last and only public policy debate we had about health care and end of life issues was the Terri Schiavo case. No wonder the conversation has turned hysterical.  End of life medical ethics are not abstract.  All of us will […]

Jim Wallis wrote a great piece in Huffingtonpost on the latest lying by the religous and non- religious right in regards to health care reform: I have said that one important moral principle for the health care debate is truth-telling. […]