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The Rhetoric of Death from the Pro-Life Movement

posted by Paul Raushenbush

“Obama is a murderer!!!” shouted the all male anti-abortion activists as they disrupted both the worship service and the faith panels at the DNC in Denver.  “Obama kills babies!” they yelled as they were escorted from the room, one after […]


Sexual Orientation and the Pursuit of Happiness

Life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness…. These values are enshrined in our Declaration of Independence as inalienable rights of every American. Generation after generation, people have fought to get rid of the “….except for”s: except for blacks, except for […]


Judge Sotomayer: Racist or Representative?

posted by Paul Raushenbush

Newt Gingrich and Rush Limbaugh are calling Judge Sotomayer and President Obama racists – and Democrats must be loving it. Newt and Rush pulled out a quote from a speech given by Judge Sotomayer at a symposium called: Raising the Bar: […]


Jon, Kate, and the Breakdown of the Evangelical Family

posted by Diana Butler Bass

My young daughter is a dedicated fan of the TLC program Jon and Kate Plus Eight, a reality show of a wholesome family with a set of twins and a set of sextuplets.  Over the weekend, TLC ran a marathon […]

Confession of a Predatory Lender (by Carol Howard Merritt)

posted by guestblogger

Rev. Carol Howard Merritt is the Pastor at Western Presbyterian Church in Washington, D.C. and the author of Tribal Church: Ministering to the Missing Generation. I walk through the shiny car salesroom, down the hall, into my comfortable business manager […]

A Memorial Day Salute to my Partner’s Father

posted by Paul Raushenbush

John Glenn Gooch’s military stone had only recently been placed in the cemetery when we arrived to plant flowers to honor him this Memorial Day weekend.  Glenn died this winter and is now buried near the town where he arrived […]

Dueling Visions of American Renewal

posted by Diana Butler Bass

In 2004, a little book appeared that made quite a splash among dispirited Democrats:  George Lakoff’s Don’t Think of an Elephant.  In it, Lakoff argued that Republicans and Democrats worked out of two different “framing” stories–frames are “mental structures that […]

Bible Bill vs America

posted by Paul Raushenbush

Word has it that Rep Paul Broun (GA) has introduced new legislation called National Year of the Bible Resolution a.k.a. the Bible Bill making the year 2010 the Year of the Bible.   The Bible Bill panders to Rep. Broun’s bible base, but it isn’t really an […]

Liberty U Revokes College Dem Charter

posted by Eric Sapp

There is a great post over on faithfuldemocrats about the unfortunately decision by Liberty University to revoke the charter for it’s college Democrats b/c the Democratic platform was unChristian.  Check it out, and then join the facebook petition to reinstate […]

The Plot Against the Riverdale Synagogue and Why Obama is Right

posted by Paul Raushenbush

The plot to bomb a Riverdale Synagogue in the Bronx makes all of us sick and angry about the use of religious violence and terror against ordinary citizens.  The four accused men claim that their actions are in reaction to the […]

Obama’s Mistaken Middle East Peace Strategy or No More Negotiations to Nowhere!

posted by Michael Lerner

While doves in the American Jewish community are lining up to support President Obama in his supposed confrontation with Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu, the hard-nosed supporters of the Occupation can sigh with relief. Nothing proposed by Obama is likely to […]

Obama’s (and America’s) Notre Dame Victory

posted by Paul Raushenbush

Barack Obama’s graduation address at Notre Dame was a victory for the President and for the United States.  From the moment he walked onto the platform, to when he was conferred the honorary doctorate, to during and after his speech, […]

Notre Dame Rebooted

posted by Diana Butler Bass

In 1899, Pope Leo condemned “Americanism” as a heresy.  Americanism, a theological development in American Roman Catholicism, was a complex of progressive ideals regarding freedom, separation of church and state, historical criticism and scientific inquiry that attempted to reconcile traditional […]

Stop the ACLU Torture Photos Campaign

posted by Paul Raushenbush

Barack Obama is right and the ACLU is wrong.  The ACLU’s legal battle to release torture photos of interrogation performed by order of the last administration is correct in its underlying convictions but wrong in its conclusions.    The underlying […]

Lesbian Justice on the Supreme Court

posted by Paul Raushenbush

Soon after Justice Souter announced his retirement from the Supreme Court the nomination speculation game began.  Two of the names that quickly surfaced were Kathleen Sullivan and Pam Karlan and either one of them would represent the first lesbian on the […]

Faith/Military Leaders Put $$$ Behind Call for Moral Climate Bill

posted by Eric Sapp

Last week, Rep. Shuler and Perriello headlined a press conference hosted by Faith in Public Life featuring a who’s who of the faith community and rolling out the largest paid media campaign ever by progressives targeting faith voters with an […]

To Boldly Go Where Progressives Forgot to Go….

posted by Diana Butler Bass

Last Friday, my family went to see the new Star Trek movie.  We really enjoyed the renewed adventures of Captain Kirk and the starship Enterprise.  We weren’t alone.  The audience in the nearly full theater loved the film.  And it […]

Mother’s Day, Feminism and Marylu

posted by Paul Raushenbush

I am a feminist because of my mother.   Marylu DeWatteville Raushenbush showed me that a woman is capable of doing anything, and that she should have every right to do what she wants, in every society, everywhere – period.     My […]

Happy Progressive Mother’s Day!

posted by Diana Butler Bass

Most people think of Mother’s Day as a quaint and conservative holiday honoring 1950s values, a sort of historical throw back to traditional notions of hearth and home. Let’s correct that impression by saying:  Happy Progressive Mother’s Day. In May […]

Mainline Protestants: America’s Moral Conscience

posted by Diana Butler Bass

Earlier this week, the Pew Research Center released a survey on the views of religious Americans regarding torture.  They survey found that white evangelical Protestants were the most supportive of torture–only 16% of evangelicals reject the use of torture.  A […]

A Room of Our Own

posted by Diana Butler Bass

My family lives in a typical 1960s house in the Washington DC suburbs, and I work at home.  “Typical 1960s house” equals small and no closets.  As a result, my books were taking over and there wasn’t much space to […]

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