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Vote-w-road-733523.jpgReligious voters are really paying attention this election cycle- and writing about it on their blogs.

Here are excerpts of dozens of blog postings we’ve run across just in response to the Matthew 25 websites.

For links and a full collection of blog posts on this topic, visit the Matthew 25 Network blog.

Latina Liz:

“If you read this blog, if you consider yourself a Christian, a smart one
at that, please do your homework. I do not tell you who to vote for
here. I present my take on both sides. I already know who I am 99% sure
I will vote for come election day but like I’ve mentioned in the past,
we should be people who do our research, read our Bible, discern the
times. Don’t just go with the flow, don’t just vote for whoever your
pastor or friends will be voting for!

The Matthew 25 Network…You can find out more about their candidate for President…Barack Obama here and discern for yourself.”

The Ramblings of Heather Anne: (and thank her for the above photo that is from her post)

with the two McCain supporters basing their votes solely on their
pro-life convictions, I headed to Google and found some statistics. I
was thrilled to find the
Matthew 25 Network expressing the views I have held for so long…

conclusion, YES, I can be an Obama supporter and be Pro-Life! I haven’t
even gone into the topic of supporting life in other ways, such as less
war, and less pollution. I believe this is a very important point to
make this election year! Please don’t be a single issue voter, and
spread the news that you can support LIFE and OBAMA!”

Next Reformation

“The website was created by the Matthew25 Network,
and I think it is important for any open-minded Christian to hear what
they have to say. For years we’ve been bombarded by they Religious
Right’s views on what it means to ‘pro-life,’ …It can be dangerous
when we think one political party or one denomination thinks it is
entitled to be sole owner and arbiter of divine truth. I am thankful
for, and encourage civil discourse on the issue.”

From Faithfully Dangerous:

am planning to vote for Barack Obama. I have heard from a couple of
people who sincerely wonder how I, as a committed evangelical
Christian, can vote for him. What do you think? Here are a few links
that I have found interesting and instructive.
Matthew 25 Network…”

Kate McDonald:

the wavering voter… I know you all are “voting for Jesus” and are
“Kingdom focused”- I also know I have gotten so many emails about how
confusing the election is this year! Some readers have sent me links or
posted some really good thoughts that I thought might help us all out.

A couple of new sites readers sent me that I now LOVE…- This is a must read about Barack Obama!!!! Please get the truth!!”

*For links and a full collection of blog posts, visit the Matthew 25 Network blog.

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