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Just last week my cousin from Texas, whom I have not heard from for many years, forwarded me one of those emails. You know the ones that so many of us have gotten with the smears and lies about Senator Barack Obama:

Obama supports infanticide.”
“Barack Obama was sworn in on the
 “Barack Obama is the anti-Christ”  …really, the anti-Christ?

You might have heard these rumors them from friends, family, neighbors,
others at your church. You
might have heard them on your local Christian radio station, or seen them in
your hometown paper.  But most likely you have gotten in the in your email inbox. 

That is why the Matthew 25 Network has launched a new website to respond to these smears: On the site you can see the Falsehoods and the Facts, and even use our online tool to respond directly to the emails you’ve found in your Inbox. 


Scripture tells us, even when we disagree, to “clothe
[our]selves with humility toward one another” (1 Pet. 5:5) and to “put away
falsehood” (Eph. 4:25). This website is our best attempt to respond to the
distortions and misleading information being circulated within our community about
Senator Obama.  

So often the world sees these kinds of misleading attacks coming from the Christian community. It is in part of what has given a Christian witness in politics a bad name.

Can we lift up a better kind of Christian witness in politics?  What do you think?  

Leave me your comments here.

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