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One hot August evening in 1963, my Dad, the preacher, my Mom and I gathered after dinner around our old black-and-white TV to watch the news. Flickering on the screens in shades of gray was a recap of something they […]

There are a couple good reasons I am, for now, viewing born-again Christian and Texas Gov. Rick Perry with some trepidation. Nothing personal — just on painful experience. One, the last time I voted for a politician who made his […]

If it hasn’t already, there will come a time when you experience a career setback. Whether loss of an expected promotion, reassignment to (seemingly) lesser duties, or sudden unemployment, that is a blow to self-esteem. Whether that blow is a […]

When it comes to keeping a statistical finger on evangelical Christianity, the Barna Group really has no peers. So, when George Barna and Co. tells you that church attendance is down nationwide, well, it is. In a survey released earlier […]

It had been a miserable day at work. A story as old as time; you know, the kind of day we’ve all experience, the one punctuated by the proverbial irritable manager in dire need of fiber. I make it a […]

OK. First off, let’s be clear: I take a philosophical back seat to no one in promoting the right of any American to worship — or not — the God or gods or Force or assorted plants, celestial bodies, etc., […]

Unless you live under a rock you must have at least heard a passing mention of this: It’s Ramadan. As a Christian, I do not observe it – but I have an amazed, perhaps even a little envious bit of […]

Look around. We seem to be awash in prophets these days. Some blast their “prophetic” gifts from the proverbial “Brother Love’s Travelin’ Salvation Show” type crusades in arenas or megachurches, making sure they capture it all for television followers ready […]

To be the son of the Pentecostal minister is to believe in the possibility of divine healing. And, I do.  However, a lot depends on how broadly you define “healing,” and that, in turn, depends on your willingness to not […]

When historians someday summarize the “Arab Spring” protests, be sure that the Facebook social networking site will get prominent mention. In Tunisia, Egypt, Libya, Yemen and Syria, this hard-to-censor, impossible to stop digital electronic grapevine has been critical to liberty-seeking […]