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There are plenty of reasons for Christians to feel persecuted these days, whether at home or abroad. At home, the so-called “culture war”  has people of faith and the secular world more polarized than ever, and believers find themselves increasingly […]

I’ve always been a fan of serendipity, convinced that if you have your eyes, ears and heart open, God speaks through the unexpected delights that life offers . . . if we just take the step into the beckoning light […]

It had been a miserable day at work. A story as old as time; you know, the kind of day we’ve all experience, the one punctuated by the proverbial irritable manager in dire need of fiber. I make it a […]

OK. First off, let’s be clear: I take a philosophical back seat to no one in promoting the right of any American to worship — or not — the God or gods or Force or assorted plants, celestial bodies, etc., […]

I love ebooks. On my Android phone, or my Nook, laptop and even on my aging desktop PC, they’ve become my medium of choice for reading and studying. My once rather large collection of bound, paper volumes in years’ past […]

Sometimes, I look back on the survival of my personal faith within the crucible of a liberal arts college education as nothing less than a miracle. Like many preachers kids, I came out of a sheltered, fundamentalist Christian (and Pentecostal […]

The good folks at are working hard to complete design and functionality of this blog of mine. Hopefully, the comment portal for my posts will soon be up, as well as an RSS/subscription button. ALso, some nifty graphics. Be […]

It’s summer. Vacation time, the opportunity to just relax, possibly visit new places, see the Grand Canyon, Niagara Falls, Paris, the Greek Isles, Alaska’s inside passage, Disneyland, even Dollywood, for cryin’ out loud. You get the idea. Vacation = leaving […]