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I love dogs. I believe in the unconditional love and loyalty these furry companions give as a gift from God. Our relationship with these animals in unique and special. It goes beyond the rational and into the transcendent, even the […]

In a recent blog, I wrote about how Christians are increasingly becoming dissatisfied with traditional church – the big buildings; the pews; the three songs, an offering and sermon routines so long the fabric of Sunday worship. Underlying this disconnect […]

I have always loved the weather, relished feeling the elements. Ever since I was a boy, it has been that way. I’d go barefoot in the snow, stand in a downpour, huddle in a cave opening to watch sheet lightning […]

Go to church? You may not only be going to be filled with the Spirit, but end up packing on the pounds as well. Ever since Northwestern University’s study earlier this year found that church-goers were 50 percent more likely […]

It had been a miserable day at work. A story as old as time; you know, the kind of day we’ve all experience, the one punctuated by the proverbial irritable manager in dire need of fiber. I make it a […]