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I love dogs. I believe in the unconditional love and loyalty these furry companions give as a gift from God. Our relationship with these animals in unique and special. It goes beyond the rational and into the transcendent, even the […]

A while back I wrote about how various deities and/or prophets and sages did on Facebook. Jesus beat all comers in terms of Facebook “friends.” So, I shouldn’t have been surprised to find the Savior is also a Twitter sensation. […]

It turns out that the Son of God is no stranger to social media. He did that pretty well, as you  recall, more than 2,000 years ago. Huge crowds followed him, even into the countryside. He taught them, blessed them, […]

When historians someday summarize the “Arab Spring” protests, be sure that the Facebook social networking site will get prominent mention. In Tunisia, Egypt, Libya, Yemen and Syria, this hard-to-censor, impossible to stop digital electronic grapevine has been critical to liberty-seeking […]