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Thanks an infusion of $200,000 in donations, the SETI Project – the non-profit organization founded in 1985 to seek out extraterrestrial intelligence – is back on track. So, 42 radio telescopes near California’s Mount Shasta are active, trying to pick […]

Go to church? You may not only be going to be filled with the Spirit, but end up packing on the pounds as well. Ever since Northwestern University’s study earlier this year found that church-goers were 50 percent more likely […]

It had been a miserable day at work. A story as old as time; you know, the kind of day we’ve all experience, the one punctuated by the proverbial irritable manager in dire need of fiber. I make it a […]

It looks like the Crystal Cathedral, that long-lived architectural landmark of Southern California – and the iconic sanctuary of Dr. Robert H. Schuller’s feel-good, “positive gospel” – is about to shatter, at least metaphorically. Oh, the opulent, nearly-6,000 capacity, 128-foot-high […]

When the more devout believers turn to their scriptures for truisms and spiritual metaphors, no one is surprised. But I can only smile when I hear colleagues who would never darken the door of a house of worship — even […]

It took a Texas jury less than 30 minutes Tuesday to decide what penalty to give to self-proclaimed polygamist prophet, and convicted pedophile rapist, Warren Jeffs. They gave him life, plus 20 years, for raping two “child brides,” ages 12 […]

OK. First off, let’s be clear: I take a philosophical back seat to no one in promoting the right of any American to worship — or not — the God or gods or Force or assorted plants, celestial bodies, etc., […]

Forget the nationwide debate raging over gay marriage. Set aside this nation’s two ongoing wars (three, if you count Libya). Don’t even worry about our country’s bloated government spending, its yawning black hole of debt and an economy still on […]

Unless you live under a rock you must have at least heard a passing mention of this: It’s Ramadan. As a Christian, I do not observe it – but I have an amazed, perhaps even a little envious bit of […]

Rep. Emanuel Cleaver, D-Missouri, was so incensed by the recently reached federal debt compromise that he declared, “This deal is a sugar-coated Satan sandwich. If you lift the bun, you will not like what you see.” In the often crude, […]