Preacher’s Kid: Honest Faith, Real World

Preacher’s Kid: Honest Faith, Real World

Of housewives desperate, ‘real’ and of the Bible

First, there was “Desperate Housewives,”  ABC’s popular chronicle of the bizarre, quirky and occasionally — OK, frequently — morally hazy if not bankrupt moral and ethical struggles of the women of the fictional Wisteria Lane.

But whether you love it, hate it, or are one of those watch-and-wince periodic viewers, you know it’s a comedy-drama.


Then came the inevitable “reality TV” spinoff, “The Real Housewives” on Bravo — actually a growing family of shows spreading the ill-kept entertainment mindscape of the American psyche, i.e. “The Real Housewives of Orange County . . . New York City, Atlanta, New Jersey, Beverly Hills, Miami.

You get the idea.

Bravo has hyped the series as “real-life ‘desperate’ housewives” and “compelling day-to-day drama.” Well, OK, if the unraveling of human frailties, displays of envy, hubris, failed marriages, fashion-fueled fights and quests ad nauseam for social status are compelling to you, God bless.


But wait, maybe there is some room for God’s blessing in this, however much a stretch that may seem . . . at first.

Enter Internet-based Detroit evangelist Ty Adams and her new, two-part DVD production, “The Real Housewives of the Bible.”

The cast Adams draws from the scriptures is hardly dull. The Bible is replete with stories about courageous women suffering through loss, betrayal, tragedy, loneliness, infertility and unrequited love. Between Genesis and Revelation, after all, there are the evil Jezebels and Delilahs and the persevering, faithful Ruths and Sarahs alike.

Adams seeks to find modern-day equivalents of those women, both villains and heroes on the real-world battlefield of faith.


Opportunistic evangelism? Sure. But that’s hardly a new trend. Consider one faith’s most enduring appropriations: “Amazing Grace,” perhaps the best-known hymn in the world. The tune that today carries the inspiring words originally is thought to have been a Celtic ballad that became known as “New Britain.”

In the ’70s, Simon and Garfunkel’s hit “Bridge Over Troubled Waters” was Christianized by substituting “Christ” for “I” . . . “Like a bridge over troubled water, Christ will ease your mind . . .”

And more recently, pretty much any popular music hit has ended up with a new set of “Christian” lyrics, sometimes more tongue-in-cheek than inspiring, at least to me.

Effective evangelism? What do you think?

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Gods Stewart

posted July 11, 2011 at 7:32 am

I sincerely believe in the Almighty God. I believe that Christians today have gotten away from good, sound, biblical teaching, I believe that many more do not study to show themselves approved, they are not becoming workmen/women who are not ashamed and rightly divide the word of God, but rather, Instantaneous. Instantaneous Christians are those people who fall for any and everything that comes their way. The Word of God says ” IF I be lifted up, I’ll draw ALL men unto me”. The drawing isn’t occuring because we’ve gotten away from HIS word. God nor His Son Jesus, didn’t use gimmicks, they didn’t mix worldly with the unworldly, they din’t use what I like to call ‘nonsense’ instead, Jesus told the story and through His story lives were changed. I believe the church as a whole has not and cannot experience real worship until, we lay our complete selves on the alter, the place where The spirit of The Lord can begin and complete His perfect work in us and until we are ready to do this, we will continue to be like the children of Israel,” walking aimlessly around that great mountain”. God needs us and We need Him, ask yourself what are you willing to give up in exchange for His Presence and Power. When you can answer this question then reality tv shows like the “real wives of …..” wont have a place in your life. God is looking for REAL-WORSHIPPERS, our minds have to be made up and every idol that we’ve made in our lives as an alter aganist God must come down. We should pick up our bibles more and read, and put trash where it belongs in the can. I send Blessing to all who read this. Amen

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posted July 8, 2011 at 4:05 pm

Our desire for God to change our lives and world for His best can only be accomplished when we change our thinking, attitudes and direction towards God. I believe new methods of evangelism are needed but we should not adopt the ways and lust of the world to win souls as part of process.

As a Christian musician I’ve changed my perspective on todays paradigm issues like Christian hip hop and heavy metal gospel. Today there is a desperate cry in churches to experience authentic worship, where the presence of God is powerful, unmistakeable and changes lives. The fruit of much of this music is not worship and changed lives and experiencing God’s presence. Many churches think people need/want to hear/see today’s rock genre/agenda because the land is filled with it and people are comfortable with it.

I now see why the Bible says to ‘come out from among them, be seperate’. When Israel intermingled with the uncircumsion, they unconsciously adopted ungodly thinking and practices, wanting to be like the ‘inhabitants’ of the land, identifying with and then suffering the consequences of their desire(s). God calls his people to live above ‘the land’. Jesus did hang with sinners, but he also said not to be like them. He also said if they reject you, kick the dust off your feet and leave town.

Our lives and land are in desperate need of authentic worship and prayer, confession and repentance. We have the power in God, it’s not a numbers game. If we could devote one hour to disconnecting from devices, chasing money and stuff, etc., get out of the comfort zone. It took much rejection, suffering and persecution for the church to grow. When we leave our comfort zone(s) we’ll see God’s glory!

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posted July 6, 2011 at 11:27 pm

Effective evangelism, perhaps. It depends on the audience. Are the types of people easily swayed by these means those that become the pillars of faith within the church community? Maybe. Are they just as likely to be swayed by another gimmick, promise or fad? Perhaps.

I posit that it is genuineness that wins hearts for the long-haul.

Gone, then, are the flavor-of-the-month seekers, Sunday-Christians or agenda-driven lay-people/clergy. What you’re left with is real and more a reflection of the Christ I believe in.

For me, the seed that finds fertile ground is planted in person-to-person exchanges. The “Real Christians of your community.” People of faith, living, interacting and sharing of themselves with others.

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