Prayer, Plain and Simple

A powerful, 7.7-magnitude earthquake triggered a tsunami that pounded villages on remote islands off western Indonesia today. The waves killed at least 113 people and scores more are missing.

Indonesia suffered a second major natural disaster today when Mount Merapi, the country’s most volatile volcano erupted. Scientists had warned that pressure building beneath its dome could trigger the most powerful eruption in years. At least 20 people were injured by hot ash spewed from the eruption.

“God, we pray for Indonesia dealing with the wake of three natural disasters. Settle the fears of people. Give wisdom and strength to officials working on relief and rescue efforts. Settle the forces of nature itself. You are God. There is no other. Be the Lord of Indonesia and use these events to shine a light on your intent for this nation and her people.”


Brian and Lisa are ready for a child. Like many couples they expected to bring a boy or girl into the world in the conventional way. That didn’t happen. Now, some years later they’ve embraced the option of adoption and they’re running full speed into process. It’s a long, grueling, costly, emotionally dangerous quest.

The cost of adoption is staggering.  Recognizing that their friends and family want deeply to be part of their adventure, Brian and Lisa invited them to help. This month they held a monster garage sale packed full of donated goods. Amazingly, they raised more than $4,000. Jesus once said, “Where your treasure is, there your heart will be also.” The friends and family who have invested their “treasures” with Brian and Lisa have also naturally invested their hearts as well. The coming adoption has become an extended family affair!  

Another way we can lend a hand to those seeking to adopt is to commit to pray for them. That too is a treasure we can invest. We can offer our spiritual blessing, asking for provision, protection, and the perfect match. Everyone reading this probably knows some family seeking to adopt a child. God loves adoption and he loves to answer prayers to favor the process.

“God, you do love adoption. You’ve adopted us into your family, giving us all rights and privileges of family. We are heirs and co-heirs with Jesus of all your treasures. We pray today for those seeking to adopt a child. Many children in the world do not have mothers and fathers. Many men and women do not have children. God, bring them together. Create the perfect match. Provide resources. Provide perfect timing. Give endurance and emotional strength through the grinding details. Give wisdom for them to anticipate ahead how to prepare practically for the coming change. Strengthen their marriage ahead of this coming gift. Heal any past disappointment. Parental love is nature. Adoptive parental love has to be SUPERnatural. Give a miracle of love and bonding. May nothing stand in the way of you accomplishing a completion of this match – child to parent. In Jesus!”

An outbreak of cholera is spreading across central Haiti and raising fears that the dreaded disease could reach the vast tarp tent camps that shelter hundreds of thousands of earthquake survivors in the capital, Port-au- Prince.

By early this morning, nearly 200 people were confirmed dead with Cholera, and thousands more are sick. It’s the impoverished Caribbean nation’s worst health crisis since the massive January 12 earthquake.

“God we pray again for Haiti. We pray for healing for those battling Cholera. We pray for protection against the disease for those exposed to the infection. We pray for a divine intervention to stem this epidemic. God, stop the spread of this horrible affliction. We pray too for wisdom and courage for medical and governmental officials who must make wise decisions regarding this crisis. Bring relief and comfort and eventual healing to all of Haiti. Return this island to the beautiful destiny you have her and her people. In Jesus…”

My friend Jeff was out of work for 18 months. His unique set of experiences, training, and education was both an asset and a liability: In this economic environment is particular field just wasn’t providing many openings for him. It was a painful struggle for Jeff.

But instead of defeat and despair Jeff got creative and began to think outside the box. With the counsel of some friends and consultants Jeff “translated” his unique skill set into a package that fit perfectly need in the marketplace: He became a professional mediator.

Starting a new business is a challenge, and many, even most fail the first year. The risk takes courage, creativity, tenacity, and energy times two! In this present economy many people are finding a need to step outside their comfort zones and launch new careers. Left with dead ends in their own sectors, they are reinventing themselves and starting new businesses – never easy. For all those out there tacking the challenge of a new business, God’s blessed best!

“God we pray today for those launching new businesses and careers. It’s a challenging time in our economy. This presents dangers but also new opportunities. Thank you for the creativity and courage you have given to make these ventures possible. As they have taken steps of faith, give them the energy and tenacity they will need to prevail. Give them perseverance to press through discouragement. Give them hope that their labor will be fruitful. Bring them a team of friends and colleagues who can encourage them the give them wise counsel. Bring them into contact with just the right customers. May their new venture fit a real need. God, bless them indeed!”