Prayer, Plain and Simple

Prayer, Plain and Simple

CauseWorld, Karma, and Doom…

posted by Mark Herringshaw

Wow, earn Karma for window shopping! What a concept: turn your life around with charitable consumerism.

Here’s how it’s suppose to work: CauseWorld is offering a free location-based application for the Apple iPhone and Android phones that allows you to gain points, or “Karmas” by walking into a store. You can get these “Karmas” at nearly all retailers. All you have to do is walk in, and check-in. For checking into a store you get “10 Karmas.” Once you receive your “Karmas” you can be donate them to support charity. Retailers fund this process because, of course, they know that we go through the door, even for a benevolent cause, we’re likely to buy something.


How alluring… Karma in exchange for good deeds, and a better life for you and me in exchange for good Karma. That’s the way the math of the universe is supposed to work.

But is it that simple? Can we counterbalance all the screwups we’ve managed by simply doing a few good deeds?

I don’t think it’s that easy. Here’s my take:


I’ve also written about this in my book, The Karma of Jesus. You can even download a free audio version of the book at  

What do you think? Is Karma exchangeable for better life? Share your thoughts…  


Tim Tebow, CBS, the NFL, and Focus on the Family

posted by Mark Herringshaw

Heisman Trophy winner Tim Tebow and his mother will appear in a Super Bowl commercial on CBS that makes a clear pro-life statement. It’s a remarkable coalition, and progressives are in a tizzy. The ad purportedly tells the story of Tebow’s mother who ignored a recommendation by doctors to abort her fifth child and gave birth to Tim. Now a national coalition of women’s groups are calling on CBS to do a “booth review” and overturn their decision to run the anti-abortion message which is sponsored by Focus on the Family.

Kudos to CBS for having the courage to accept FOF’s check! May God bless the message and may even one person contemplating an abortion pause to wonder… “What if…?


And for those who have chosen to end pregnancies, offer grace and forgiveness and hope for the future. God is pro-life. He is also pro-grace…

“God, you create life. You alone have the right to decide human existence. Our bodies do not belong to us; the bodies of another person do not belong to us. You are God. We ask that you preserve life and that you use this message from the Tibows to build conviction and spark hope in this country for a new value of the sacredness of life. For those who have chosen abortion, offer hope of redemption and restoration. In Jesus…”


The Eucharist Diet: Two or Three Together

posted by Mark Herringshaw

January 26, 2010

Day 25

Weight: 198 lbs

Weight lost: -8 lbs


Surprised this morning… Down two more pounds! Okay, I’ll take it. And I even had seconds on stir fry and rice for dinner last night…

Communion is remarkable, if you really think about it. Often in our church experience with Eucharist we see it as a kind of religious ritual. But when Jesus initiated this experience it was a REAL meal. It began at his last Passover celebration and the elements of bread and wine were part of that meal, left over even and there on the table. He took them and gave them new significance. Then in the first century, in the earliest churches, Communion was celebrated as part of what the first believers called “love feasts.” They are meals together and in the process took wine and bread from the table and “remembered” Jesus.


There’s something very intimate and powerful about eating together. As my wife Jill says, it’s pretty hard to feel like a stranger to someone who’s chewing their food at your dinner table. Jesus made Communion a meal because it’s really about intimacy and relationships – with him and with others who have relationship with him. For this reason Communion is a shared me, with others. Whenever possible, I’m sharing my daily Eucharist experience with at least one other person. I think this is how Jesus intended it. And in the process I think I’m getting closer to him and to the significant people in my life…

“The Eucharist Diet” adventure is my six month experiment taking daily communion and tracking and posting the results in my personal life, relationships, health, and body fat percentage.


Dump Your Karma

posted by Mark Herringshaw

The idea labeled “Karma” seems to be embedded in the universe, and in our own understanding of the universe. We do reap what we sow. What goes around does come around. The other shoe always, eventually drops.

The ancient philosophers both east and west who first gave forms and names to this understanding did recognize the bad news inherent here. If I’m responsible for all the effects of all the actions we’ve ever done, I’m doomed and damned. There’s no escape…

I have great respect for those who take seriously this law of Karma. Yet in response I want to ask, is there any way out of the inevitable consequences? Is there hope of a caveat or a hidden clause in the constitution of the the Universe that will give me a chance for true redemption?

I’ve posted a recording about this question, and one possible solution. Check it out and then let me know what you think…




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