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A shattered relationship… Financial struggles… Health problems… Family strife… Is there a reason?  Is there a way out? Some people explain trouble by saying… We reap what we sow. The other shoe drops. To every action there is an equal […]

  Karma’s a bitch… Unyielding. Relentless. Unflinching. Pure and absolute justice. If Karma matters, I’m doomed, dead, and damned. But for Jesus… Jesus became the toxic waste dump of the universe. I give him my Karma, and he suffers in my […]

Wow, earn Karma for window shopping! What a concept: turn your life around with charitable consumerism. Here’s how it’s suppose to work: CauseWorld is offering a free location-based application for the Apple iPhone and Android phones that allows you to […]

The idea labeled “Karma” seems to be embedded in the universe, and in our own understanding of the universe. We do reap what we sow. What goes around does come around. The other shoe always, eventually drops. The ancient philosophers both east and […]

Last October I released my latest book, “The Karma of Jesus.” In December I recorded an audio version of the book. Now, for a limited period, my publisher, Bethany House, is offering a free download of this unabridged reading of the book.   To […]

Are you making a New Year Resolution? What odds would you give yourself for sustaining your goal? 80%? 50%? 20%?   Bad news: According to studies on weight loss (the most common resolution), by February almost 60 percent of us […]

By Mark Herringshaw   “Be it here resolved that in 2010 I will…”   It’s that time once again. December 31st, “National Extreme Makeover Day,” the 24 hour stretch when everything is possible, tomorrow. There’s nothing particularly magical about this […]

Today is “Good Riddance Day.” At this moment in Times Square, New York, several hundred people are arriving lugging cardboard boxes of old income tax records, mortgage papers, old music recordings, and photographs, anything that brings bad memories from 2009. […]