Prayer, Plain and Simple

Bless the Lord, ye his angels, that excel in strength, that do his commandments, hearkening unto the voice of his word. (Psalm 103:20)


We had the pleasure of hosting five missionaries in our home this weekend. One of the young women began worshipping softly in the kitchen early one morning while I was sipping coffee in the living room nearby. The Lord spoke to my heart and I wrote this down:

“The angels tune into the song of praise and follow the sound. When they find the source of praise, they join in and partner with that source!”

As subjective beings, it’s always important to compare what you hear in your spirit to what you see in the Word of God; the Word of God trumps all. Searching the Scriptures, I found it to be true in Psalm 103:20, as stated above.

Sing His praises today. And know that the angels in the universe not only join in with you but strengthen you and aid you in your prayers, work, and pursuits for God.


I lift my voice in praise and adoration to your glorious name today, for you are worthy of all my heart’s worship. I don’t simply praise you for the benefits that come my way, although I will receive them with a heart of thanks. Ultimately I praise you because nothing is more True than Your supreme goodness. Nothing is more sane than to rejoice in You continually! You are God. You are love. You are all power, so all praise belongs to You!

You shall hear my voice today! Singing as best I can the tunes of praise and love songs to my Savior.

In His Name I pray and say Amen!


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