Prayer, Plain and Simple

Jesus answered, “My kingdom is not of this world.” (John 18:36)

I am only a foreigner in this land. (Psalm 119:19)

This political season has reminded us more than ever that the Kingdom of God and the kingdoms of this world don’t always dovetail nicely. Even in the midst of that tension, we can be secure by reminding ourselves of our true citizenship, our True Kingdom. While, we participate in the politics of this earthly kingdom, we don’t place all our hopes there. Our hopes as well as our sites are set on Heaven.

Still, we long for wisdom in the process, to know how to live out our faith in practical ways in this world – for example, which little dots to fill in on the ballot. Those little dots represent a great deal of power. Left hanging, “chads” can cause a stir…

Let’s pray…


This world is a confusing and disappointing place sometimes, particularly these days. Please, Lord, we ask that Your Kingdom would come to our kingdom, setting up righteousness, justice, and the force of your love that never fails.

Use me this day to enforce the precepts of your Kingdom in my own soul, at the very least…

May I speak the Truth, meditate on the Truth, and love the Truth with all my heart.
May I speak Love, meditate on Love, and demonstrate love with all my heart.
May I speak Your Word, meditate on Your Word, and live it everywhere I go.

I pray for my country and ask for your will to be done in this upcoming election. Please help us, Lord, and grant us wisdom to hear your voice as we cast our votes to the best of our ability.

In Jesus’ Name, Amen.

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