Prayer, Plain and Simple

As we chose our next President of the United States, let’s take a quick look at some virtues that constitute excellent leadership and pray for a leader who reflects them well.

“The Lord and his anointed one are my witnesses today,” Samuel declared, “that my hands are clean.” 1 Samuel 12:5


Samuel was retiring from his leadership position in Israel. A King would now replace him. Before he faded into history, he wanted to take the opportunity to right any wrongs he might have committed. “Have I cheated anyone, oppressed anyone, perverted justice for anyone?” he asks. 
“Have I ever placed myself above the law to achieve my place politically?”

“No,” his constituency answered in unison.

Imagine a politician that can leave his/her office fully satisfied that they did their very best to walk in integrity. That’s the kind of leader we can pray for.

“God is not a human, so he does not lie.” (Numbers 23:19)


Politicians have created a reputation for themselves; they often speak in half-truths and outright falsehoods. David prayed in Psalm 119, “Keep me from lying to myself.” Perhaps our leaders would be truthful with the world if they were first honest with themselves.

Imagine a politician whose words are so trustworthy that we can literally bank on what they tell us. That’s the kind of leader we can pray for.

“God opposes the proud but gives grace to the humble.” James 4:6


Saul, the first King of Israel, proved to be a dismal failure. Although he was a brilliant military leader, he was plagued with insecurity as well as pride – a recipe for domineering leadership. Insecure people often over-compensate with boasting and self-congratulatory speeches. Saul set up a monument to himself and felt at liberty to bend God’s rules when it was convenient for him.

Imagine a President that doesn’t feel the need to toot his/her own horn but just lets his/her good judgement speak for themselves.

“The greatest of these is love.” 1 Corinthians 13:13


One brilliant definition of love is, “To fight for another’s highest possible good.” Imagine a President that loves our country so much that every decision is based not on political gain, legacy-building, or cover-up.

Imagine our POTUS with love-based impetus. One who asks the question, “What would love do?” Love would fight for its constituency. Love would speak the truth to its constituency. Love would set aside personal gain for the sake of its constituency.

It may be a lot to ask for a leader with these virtues. Who reading this (or writing this) can possibly live up to these standards? We don’t need a politician with a record of perfection, nor do we need a leader who is an expert in all things Biblical. But it would certainly be a blessing to have a leader whose character is moving in this trajectory – one who is seeking after honesty, integrity, humility, and love.


Please give us a President with keen self-awareness, with sincere intentions. Grant us leaders who rule themselves with integrity, honesty, and transparency.

Give us a leader whose heart is self-aware.

And Lord, I can’t expect these things from my leaders without taking a good, long look in the mirror. Today I renew my commitment to be a godly leader in my sphere of influence (small though it may be). Continually transform me into the likeness of your dear Son, Jesus.

In His Name I pray, Amen.

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