Prayer, Plain and Simple

And don’t sin by letting anger control you. Don’t let the sun go down while you are still angry, for anger gives a foothold to the devil. (Ephesians 4:26,27)

Whether I inherited a propensity to anger, whether I learned it, or whether it is a result of some trauma is immaterial. I (Jill) used to be a person prone to anger. While I appeared sweet on the surface, underneath was a raging soul ready to express words I later, without exception, regretted when vulnerable nerves were rubbed the wrong way through hurt, injustice, or plain, old annoyance.

A few years ago (better late than never) something Dallas Willard pointed out set me on a journey to eradicate anger from my life, and I have made a good deal of progress toward transformation, thanks and all glory to my God. Dr. Willard spoke in a lecture (which I found on YouTube) something to this effect, “Yes, we see in Scripture that God is, at times, angry. Yes, we see in Scripture that Jesus was, at times, angry. But you can’t handle it.”

“What?!” I wondered. I was ticked. “You seriously mean to tell me that I am not justified in being angry over injustice?”

I may be justified, but that doesn’t mean an angry response is helpful or productive. In fact, it is almost without exception counter-productive. I began putting together a list of all the Scriptures in the Bible having to do with human anger, and this is what I found: anger is grossly overrated in this world. In fact, if I want to be free from the devil’s meddling in my life (and I most certainly do), I’m much better off putting it aside altogether.

So that has been my desire and one of my deepest prayers, for my anger has only ever harmed me and others. It has never once been of help. If you can relate, please join me in this prayer:


I repent from this propensity to anger and the pride associated with it, for it is most certainly rooted in the sin of pride. I take hold of your forgiveness most gratefully. And I set my heart to become a person so close to you, that when temptation comes and anger knocks, I will step away, breathe, and submit to your Lordship, giving you my deepest soul and receiving your peace in place of my angst. Thank You, Lord, that I can do all things through Christ and the anointing He gives me to follow His instructions and live a life that reflects Your grace and peace. Please heal every person whom my anger has troubled and hurt. Help me to do my part to work with you toward healing and restoration.

In the Name of the Prince of Peace, Amen.

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