Prayer, Plain and Simple

“Today I have rolled away the shame of your slavery…” Joshua 5:9

I trust in you for salvation, O Lord!” Genesis 49:18

The Hebrew word for salvation is “Yeshua.” It just happens to be the name the angel gave Joseph to give to Mary’s son – Jesus. The term includes deliverance from past and present ills of both soul and body, as well as posthumous salvation – Heaven. We are saved from and delivered from all that is not of God in this world and beyond.

One definition of the term “salvation” includes this bit of encouragement:  “deliverance from the molestation of enemies.” Many have been molested either in our literal, modern use of the term or in more indirect ways, but when we make Jesus the Lord of our lives, he sets us free from all that and transforms our souls toward complete healing. It is a process that involves our compliance as well as our effort, but the process itself yields joy beyond words.

Sometimes when Mark and I are worshipping God for all He has done, our hearts simply soar! Neither of us have ever been high, let alone buzzed with alcohol, but the spiritual high we encounter when we worship our God is the best of all highs, I warrant. He has delivered us! Have all our prayers been answered? All our issues buttoned down? All our battles completed? No. In fact, we have some huge outstanding challenges in our lives. But even while we wait for these victories, we put our complete faith in Yeshua, our yeshua! We are no longer slaves! His salvation has set us free. Make Him the leader of your life today!


Oh that you would show me how to receive this blessing of salvation! You have done away with the shame of my trauma and abuse, my slavery as well as my sin, yet I so often live like it still exists. Teach me to truly believe the Good News and to worship you for all you have done and all you are doing even though I am still in process. Nothing is too difficult for you. My issues are not a big deal compared to the Bigger Deal that you are!

Take my life, and make something beautiful happen.


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