Prayer, Plain and Simple

Tune your ears to the world of Wisdom;
set your heart on a life of Understanding.
That’s right—if you make Insight your priority,
and won’t take no for an answer,
Searching for it like a prospector panning for gold,
like an adventurer on a treasure hunt,
Believe me…
you’ll have come upon the Knowledge of God. (Psalm 2:2-5 The Message)


I lift up the students in our lives who are starting a new school year. Please grant them teachable hearts, curious minds, energetic spirits, hearty appetites for learning, and souls that are sensitive to the needs of those around them. Tune their ears to the truth – to the knowledge of God, for from You flows all true knowledge.

Increase the capacities of their intellects, Lord. Teach them to reign in and silence all rogue, negative thoughts. Give them faith in You, faith in your promises, hope for their destinies, and a desire to run the race and never give up.

Provide godly friends and healthy influences. May they add to the beauty and joy of their environments and not detract with unwholesome talk or behavior. Give them kindred spirits and make their friendships rich. Teach them the joy of sharing and gratitude.

Spare them from pain and sickness. Grant them Your salvation from disappointment, disadvantage, and the danger that the enemy of their souls seeks to deploy to destroy them.

I want to be an example of virtue to them, and, so, dear Lord, you must transform me by your Word to make me look like You.

In Jesus’ Name, Amen

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