Prayer, Plain and Simple

“Do everything he tells you.” ~Moses in Deuteronomy 26:17

“Do whatever he tells you.” ~Mary, Mother of Jesus in John 2:5

Mark has often said, “Don’t study the Bible. Let the Bible study you.”

Whatever the Lord has outlined in Scripture to do with our lives, we are blessed if we do them. God has given us a choice as to whether or not we follow them. It’s completely up to us. But, there is a blessing guaranteed if we study what pleases Him and follow those principles. It’s all about love, and there is no law in this universe that can quarrel with that.


I have often taken your Word as merely an excellent suggestion. Sometimes I’ve studied it and gone away thinking about how someone I know needs to implement a principle I learned, and I’ve neglected to let the Word study me! I ask your forgiveness, and with Your help, I’m ready to do whatever you tell me to do without wavering, questioning, negotiating, or delaying.

In Jesus’ Name, Amen.

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