Prayer, Plain and Simple

A Father’s Marriage Blessing

May you both know the security of being fully known, fully accepted and fully loved.
May you discover the richness of commitment. By saying “Yes” to each other you have said “No” to so many other things.
May you focus on what you do have now and not on what you’ve let go of. Search out the hidden treasure buried deep within your promises to each other.
May you discover the difference between finding happiness in your spouse and walking out a joy-filled life together.
May you be able to say in the end that marriage made you each a better person.
And may you find your true identity not in each other but in your heavenly Father’s claim on you as His children. Neither of you are your own.
May you live out your lives and your marriage for something greater than yourselves, knowing that true joy can come only as you look beyond your own needs and concerns and live for Jesus.
May God show you that He is always with you.

Written by Jeff Herringshaw (used with permission)

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