Prayer, Plain and Simple

Look at those who are honest and good,
for a wonderful future awaits those who love peace. (Psalm 37:37)

Loving peace is the secret to a wonderful future. If your future isn’t looking as bright as you would like, try checking your Peace Index. The Hebrew word for peace is rich with meaning – Shalom means much more than meets the eye. It indicates overall welfare, health, safety, completeness, prosperity, tranquility, contentment, friendship, wholeness, and entire soundness in health. Shalom is all-inclusive to the rich and abundant life that Jesus died to give us. No, it doesn’t come trouble-free or trial-free; in fact, we are guaranteed both. But with shalom to carry us through, we make it over those trials and achieve the life of shalom that every human being longs for.


I haven’t always been a peace-lover. In fact, I recall times in my life where I promoted my own agenda, which led to disharmony in relationships. No wonder my future isn’t all that completely wonderful. But today marks the start of something new. Today I repent of not appreciating and promoting Shalom in every area of my life. Today I commit to You, Lord, to obey your call to be a peace maker! I will promote shalom in my life, my work, my family, my home, my schedule, and in my commitments. I hope to leave every person I encounter today a little more at peace than they were previously. I commit myself to honesty and goodness. And I will become a lover of all things Shalom.

In Jesus’ Name – my Prince of Shalom, Amen

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