Prayer, Plain and Simple

“Let your face smile on us, Lord.” Psalm 4:6b

“May his face smile with favor on us.” Psalm 67:1

“May the Lord smile on you and be gracious to you.” Number 6:25

How do you perceive God? If His face isn’t smiling in your imagination, please rethink your concept according to His Word. The truth is that He does smile. Yes, He smiles. He doesn’t smile at our suffering or smile at our sin. But He smiles on His beloved, and that is you.


Please smile on me today. I lift my face to you, and I ask you to shine the radiant light of your face upon me. Guide me this day into joy and into light. May I feel your joy in every thought, every decision, and in even every trace of memory, for I know you have redeemed me from the darkness.

May I drink in Your beauty and unfailing love. Just as a good parent smiles on her child, so you smile on me. Forgive me, please, for the times I have caused you pain and sorrow. May my choices, thoughts, feelings, words, and actions give you reason for joy today. May I sense the warmth of your smile as I go about my duties today to Your glory and to the honor of your countenance.


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