Prayer, Plain and Simple

The night Jesus was arrested he prayed to the Father for all his followers, including you and me. While we pray to God in Jesus’s name it’s amazingly encouraging to know he prays for us. 

Today’s prayer – let Jesus pray for you! Get your Bible and find John 17. Find a private place and read this remarkable chapter aloud. When you come to the line, “I am praying not only for these disciples but also for all who will ever believe in me through their message” (Verse 20) pause and thank Jesus. Thank him for thinking of you, personally, and for including you in his intercession to the Father.

Now a question: Do you think Jesus gets his prayers answered? Do you imagine that the Father hears and responds? Of course. Which means the Father heard – and still hears – this prayer for you, and responds for you. And what’s more, what Jesus prays is that the Father will love us and respond to our prayers just as completely as he loves and responds to Jesus’ prayers. And if the Father answers Jesus that means he also answers you! 

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