Prayer, Plain and Simple

“Not by might.  Not by power. But my Spirit, says the Lord” (Zechariah 4:6)

Careful planning and hard work are vital, but they have limits. Zerubbabel had an impossible job. So do you. He had to rebuild Jerusalem with a rag-tag group of ex-slaves; you have to build a business based on integrity and servant-hood in an environment of chaos and self-centeredness. Impossible without work and a miracle. 

When Cyrus of the Persians conquered Babylon he released the Jews, sent them home to Judea, and outfitted them with resources to rebuild their city. But provision did not guarantee success. Obstacles remained. The Jews had no experience in governing their own affairs, and little military prowess to resist enemies. If they are to succeed, it would take a miracle from God. That is God’s promise to Zerubbabel and to you – “‘Not by might.  Not by power. But my Spirit,’ says the Lord.” 

Like Zerubbabel your vision is higher than your competencies. That’s not a put down, it’s just reality. Our might, our power, our planning, or skills are but a starting point. Only the anointing of the Spirit brings blessing and success! 

Action: Find a copy of your organizational purpose, vision, and values. Set it in front of you. First, thank God for the insight to put into words the heart of your enterprise. Then, place your hands on this document and quote this scripture: “Not by might, not by power, but by my Spirit, says the Lord.” Finally, thank Him for being your business partner… 

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