Prayer, Plain and Simple

“He asked you for life, and you gave it to him — length of days forever and ever.” (Psalm 21:4) 

“It’s about time. Prime time is just in time. And there’s no time to waste, no down time. We’re outa time because time’s up; it’s crunch time. Its overtime, and taking too much time, losing time, killing time, and no time off. No time to burn, or free time, because time is money. It’s time.” 

There are absolutes. Not everything is relative. Einstein’s “Special Relativity ” taught us this much, and the implications are bazaar: the laws of the universe work the same for everyone – gravity, the speed of light, the moral code (we add that, Einstein did not) are absolute laws, fixed – which means everything else relative to these laws must bend relative to them. God’s laws never bend but everything he creates does and must, including time and space. Time, says the Bible – and Einstein – expands and contracts.  

We feel this and register it everyday. The world seems to accelerate. We are busier. Driven. It seems we can’t keep up. Motivated and successful people learn to navigate and manage their time, but it’s always a foot race. And in the end, time catches up to us and passes us by. Did you have enough time today to finish all your to-do’s? Was there time enough for all the relationships? Did you have time to follow your curiosity and learn something new? Was there time to stop and smell the roses? Probably not enough.  

But God created time, and He still is. God is light and at the speed of light, time and eternity become one. Time can grow or shrink – relative to our motion. When we are running with God or carried by him at His speed there is always enough time. The Jews for centuries have rigidly held to a Sabbath. They are remarkably productive. They understand God’s math:  just as 9/10 is greater than 10/10 in the tithe. So it is that 6/7 is greater than 7/7. God multiples time when we put it in his hands.  

Jesus was never in a hurry. But he always accomplished his purposes everyday. His time was not his own. He let God the Father manage his moments. Much of our battle with time is our futile effort to control it. Instead, today, let’s give time to God. And allow him to expand it or contract it to fit his plan and purpose for our day. He will give us length of days, as the scripture says. It’s not magic. It’s a miracle. This is commonly interpreted to mean a long life, and it is this. But it’s also a longer day. A longer hour. A longer moment. God has made time elastic. And he can stretch yours when it’s in his hands.  

So “Lord, give me length of days. Expand my time, and give me wisdom to make the most of this gift.”  

This isn’t time management. It’s time miracle. 

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