Prayer, Plain and Simple

Search the book of the Lord,
and see what he will do…
for the Lord has promised this.
His Spirit will make it all come true. (Isaiah 34:16 NLT)

What do you need today? Hope? A home? Joy? Encouragement? A Miracle? Healing? Deliverance?

Search the Word of God, find a promise, grab ahold of it, and don’t let it go. Take the Word of God as the final Word for your life. Receive His promise as you would a check from a person you trust. You can take it to the bank and cash it! He gives you everything you need for life!


You know what I need today. Please open up Your Word to me. Show me the promise that fills my need. I will trust you! I take you at your word! I believe wholeheartedly in your goodness and in your love for me. Help me to experience your love today as I open up my heart to you. I lift my hands to you in praise, and like a funnel I drink in your Holy Spirit. Please make my life fruitful. Make it count for you today.

In Jesus’ Name, Amen.

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