Prayer, Plain and Simple

“The God of heaven will help us succeed. We, his servants, will start rebuilding this wall. But you have no share, legal right, or historic claim in Jerusalem.”     ~Nehemiah 2:20

If the boundaries of your life are in shambles, pray the prayer Nehemiah prayed. He was sent to Jerusalem from exile in Persia to rebuild the walls of the city which had been destroyed. Israel had abandoned God, and God took the hint and left them to themselves. (He never goes where He is not invited.) Once again it took severe pain for Israel to learn that they can’t live without their Creator, their Father, their Shepherd, their Lord.

The name Nehemiah means “Jahweh Comforts.” The story of Nehemiah depicts the Lord’s desire to rebuild our broken lives, to reestablish strong spiritual boundaries which protect us and surround us.

But beware.  The enemy much prefers that our lives remain a heap of rubble, keeping us vulnerable to attack and destruction. Nehemiah addressed the enemy directly. If Jesus is Lord of your life, you can follow suit. Let’s make Nehemiah’s declaration our own today:

My God is with me! He has promised to help me and give me success if I rely on His unfailing love. Therefore I will ARISE AND BUILD MY LIFE AGAIN! I am in the process of transforming and remodeling my mind and my soul and even my body – every area that the enemy has tried to demolish. The enemy will not destroy, deter, or distract me any longer! He has NO portion or share in this work! He has NO legal right to be involved in my life in any way! He has never done anything for me worth remembering, so he is not invited to participate! Satan! You have NO BUSINESS HERE! You have NO RIGHT to meddle or mess with me! You have NO PLACE here! Get out of here now. Get behind me, Satan! In Jesus’ Name. AMEN!

Now worship and thank the Lord for His power over the enemy of your soul! Give Him a whoop and a holler of praise! Praise is our greatest weapon!

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