Prayer, Plain and Simple

“By myself I can do nothing… I seek not to please myself but him who sent me.” ~Jesus (John 5:30)

Contrast these words spoken by Jesus with new-age guru Deepak Chopra:  “Know that you are already a complete spiritual being. The path forward is just a matter of waking up to your true unlimited self.”

If Jesus admitted to being limited, dependent on an Outside Force – God Himself, who was His “Papa” (as He delighted to call Him) or Father, it would make sense that nowhere in Scripture do I hear Jesus telling his followers that they have everything they need within themselves to change, that no Outside Aid is necessary. Jesus is honest.

Interestingly, gurus such as Chopra and Oprah, don’t seem to back off when it comes to helping people who are told they don’t need help. I mean, kudos, gurus, for helping people, but if they have everything within themselves – all the power they need to change and grow, then why the heck do they need self-help gurus like you, toting your books and products? Why write a self-help book when people don’t need help? Why do people spend thousands of dollars making gurus wealthy? Help me out here!

Call me weak, call me dispensable, call me reprehensible, call me childish, squeamish, skittish and prudish; call me whatever you darn well please, but I can do nothing worthwhile or eternal or even meaningful by own strength. But! And that’s one big but! “I can do everything through Christ, who gives me strength.” (Philippians 4:13)


Your Word is the Absolute Authority in the universe. I cling to it, I devour it, I delight in it, and I aspire to live by it. Jesus, you needed the help of the Father to do the things you were sent to earth to do. How much more do I need you! So I ask you, in the power of your mighty name, to help me, direct me, empower me, and enable me to do the things you’ve commanded and called me to do with my life. I receive that divine help now.

In Your Mighty Name Which is Above All Names, Amen!

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