Prayer, Plain and Simple

Love…is not touchy. ~1 Corinthians 13:5 (Amplified)

God’s kind of love – the love with which He loves us and the love He wants us to give to others – is not dependent on moods or whims. It is constant and dependable as the Rock Himself. A truly whole, mature person is the same person every minute of every day and night. We are seeking to become whole individuals who are becoming a whole, healthy couple, reflecting the love Jesus has for His Beloved.

I remember my older sisters listening to Andy Williams croon, “I’m in the mood for love.” And back in the day, we were. But after a few years of marriage under our belts – seven years to be exact (the magical itchy number) – we slip into relying on our moods to drive whether or not we give ourselves to our spouses. Often we are, “Not in the mood.” True love has nothing to do with moods. Moods follow actions. Actions follow commitments. Commitments are made before God. So! Let’s not allow our inner brats to determine whether or not intimacy is a priority. It is a priority that wins great dividends in our marriages. Let the games begin!


I long to be the kind of person that is consistent, reliable, confident, and rock-solid in my commitments. Please transform my mind through your Word. Your Word says that when I receive your love, I become complete (Ephesians 3). So I commit myself anew to your love and to your life-giving Word today. Fill my heart with it! Fill my eyes, ears, and mind with your truth. And as I drink it in, pondering it throughout this day, and seeking to obey everything you say, change me into the kind of person that is a kind person consistently, like you!



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