Prayer, Plain and Simple

“I am the true grapevine, and my Father is the gardener. He cuts off every branch of mine that doesn’t produce fruit, and he prunes the branches that do bear fruit so they will produce even more. 3 You have already been pruned and purified by the message I have given you. Remain in me, and I will remain in you. For a branch cannot produce fruit if it is severed from the vine, and you cannot be fruitful unless you remain in me. (John 15:1-4)

Today we are sitting together, agendas in hand,  asking Father to guide us into 2015. Asking Him to Prune. Hack away at commitments that we thought were good, but have run their course or are simply irrelevant to His plan at this point. Asking for His dreams to be our dreams…

Our Father,

We lay before you our agendas, calendars, dreams, hopes, desires, and decisions. We ask that you would be LORD of 2015. Make Your plans our plans. Prune away anything that doesn’t bear fruit, and those things that do bear fruit, prune back to bear more fruit. Help us to remember that less makes more when placed in your hands. We give you our little loaves and fishes, and we look forward to watching you multiply our meager contribution so that you can provide much for many.

You are LORD of 2015. Amen. 

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