Prayer, Plain and Simple

Boaz said to the reapers, “The Lord be with you.” They answered, “The Lord bless you.” Ruth 2:4

Imagine a workplace where every morning the boss greets his/her employees with a blessing. And imagine those employees replying back with a blessing. That was the culture of Boaz, Inc.

If a score were kept in workplaces between blessing and cursing of bosses, which would win? We can probably guess accurately. Pray with us for the culture of our workplaces.

My Father,

Forgive me for speaking words that have not been words of blessing in my workplace. As a follower of Jesus, I take His commandment to bless and not curse seriously.  As an employee, I choose to bless my boss today. May your blessing rest upon him/her. Expand his/her territory, increase our productivity, and help me to continually bless him/her with my attitude and hard work. 

And for employers:  Father, I bless my employees today. Thank you for each of them. I pray that you would be with them, giving them joy in their work and calling. Help me to draw out the very best in them. Help me to engage with them by name. Make me the kind of leader – a kind leader – who initiates a positive and happily productive culture in our workplace. 

In Jesus’ Name, Amen.

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