Prayer, Plain and Simple

I (Jill) like the Fly Lady. She has taught me to not worry about perfectionism. And I love my mom. She taught me how to clean a house thoroughly. But as much as I love her, her voice of perfectionism sometimes reverberates in my mind and brings conflict to my emotions – I want a clean house, but don’t always have the time to fulfill that desire. That’s when the Fly Lady swoops in and reminds me that half done is better than not done at all, at least as it applies to cleaning.

Mark and I have adopted as a value a little phrase we made up:  “We are content with imperfect excellence.” Everything does not have to be perfect in our lives, and while we are diligent to do our best and to work “heartily as unto the Lord and not to men”, we sometimes need to let go of the expectations we put on ourselves and just go with the flow as we do our best.

I was pondering this while scurrying around and Swiffering the kitchen floor this morning. Mom says it’s never done properly unless it’s done on your hands and knees. I brushed dear Mom’s advise aside this time as I thought about how often I don’t pray unless I’m doing it “right”: in a closet, in sackcloth, hungry from fasting… Then I remembered what Paul said:  “Pray without ceasing.” So I started to pray while Swiffering (it only takes about 3 minutes to accomplish a whole kitchen!). And this is what came out. Please join me in this imperfect yet excellent prayer. Father loves it when we talk with Him, even if our grammar is imperfect, our words not eloquent, our delivery so-so.


May I be unafraid today. May I not be waylaid today. May I not be dismayed or delayed. And may I not be betrayed. May I be arrayed in Your love.


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