Prayer, Plain and Simple


My purpose is to give them a rich and satisfying life. John 10:10b

Jesus’s purpose statement was stated here in John 10. The context is the beautiful illustration Jesus gave us of the sheep and the shepherd. He cares for His sheep. We are His sheep and He is taking us to a place where we can experience all the blessings He died to give us. The terms He used, rich and satisfying life, are very deep in the Greek. Here is what my concordance offers for the words Jesus chose to use to describe the kind of life He is offering us:  a life of vitality, absolute fullness, vigorous, real and genuine. And that’s just the appetizer. Dig your teeth into this:  exceeding some measure of need (He wants to go beyond meeting our needs), over and above, more than necessary, extraordinary, uncommon, surpassing, superior, advantage, more remarkable, and more excellent. Does that describe your life? If not, or if you desire more, let’s pray. Jesus came to fulfill this purpose, now we have to receive His goodness in our lives by cooperating with Him.



Thank you that you are my Good Shepherd; I hear your voice and I follow you. And when I do, I will discover the fulfillment of this and all the promises you have given your children.Thank you for your purposes in my life. Teach me. Forgive me for doubting. Give me ears to hear You, my Shepherd. Give me a heart that is ready to follow in obedience. Thank you.


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