Prayer, Plain and Simple

“God, I need vitamin D, but even more I need ‘vitamin G.’ Today, I am heavy with sadness. These winter days are gloomy and cold and I crave the light. I was made for light. Even my body knows this. I need the vitamin D that comes from light, and now, in the shadows I feel pushed down and heavy with despair. And it is not without cause. I am battling challenges in my life: strained relationship, financial pressures, tasks before me that are too much for my capacity. But I find myself now burdened by sadness that saps my hope and energy. I know this is partly the emotional season I am walking through. I know too it is in part the physical season I’m walking through… Winter is hard. God be my strength in joy. Your joy, you say is my strength. And joy is a fruit of your Spirit, an effect of your presence. When and where you are, there is a G.E. – a God Effect – the trumps the Seasonal Effect. You are light and in you there is no darkness at all! When I walk in the light as you are in the light I have true harmony in relationships, with you, with myself, and with others. Be my  ‘vitamin G’ in Jesus!”

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