Prayer, Plain and Simple

Prayer, Plain and Simple

Christian Persecution Escalates in Egypt’s Turmoil

As political tumult sheds blood on the streets of Cairo, the Christian minority in Egypt continues to face intense and mounting persecution. In the wake of the protests, this violence has good largely unnoticed by the world.

15 Christians were murdered this week outside Al-Minya, about 150 miles south of Cairo. Twenty-three Christians were murdered and 70 injured as a suicide bomber attacked a Coptic Christian Church at a New Year’s Eve mass in Alexandria. Archbishop Raweis, the top Coptic cleric in Alexandria, denounced what he called a lack of protection. Christians across the country fear for their lives.


With no police available because of the protests in the major cities, Christians in outlining areas are particularly vulnerable to radical Islamic insurgents, bent on purging the nation of Christians. Robberies, rape, looting, and car theft are occurring routinely against Christians. Egypt’s constitution guarantees Christians freedom to practice their faith but persecution is now rampant, particularly in the shadow of the governmental crisis.

“God we pray for Christians in Egypt. There is an ancient tradition of Christian faith in this great nation.  Secure their safety. Strengthen their hope and courage. Preserve them from fear and division. Give them wisdom to make wise decision for their safety. Confuse and distract those driven by hate. Settle Eqypt. In Jesus’ name…”

  • Your Mom

    Yay! Christians deserve derision and worse!

  • David

    Attacks on Christian communities over recent years have increased from Afghanistan and Pakistan, through Iraq to Egypt. This is wrong and against the teachings of Islam.
    However, and putting aside any arguments as to the rights or wrongs of the issue, when we have seen the occupation of Islamic countries like Iraq and Afghanistan and the presence of US air bases in Saudi Arabia (‘home of the prophet’) should we really be surprised when elements, perhaps fairly small in number, within Islamic countries take umbrage at this and at the thousands who have died and seek revenge against said communities in their countries? Clearly it is wrong, in the same way that attacks on Islamic communities in western, ostensibly ‘Christian’ countries are to. But should we surprised? No.
    Until the West – primarily the United States of America and Britain too in that they follow each other closely (in Britain’s case like a farm animal with a ring through its nose) – stop feeling that it is both their right and indeed responsibility to constantly involve themselves in other countries’ affairs, such attacks are sadly like to continue and more and more people will die
    We can dress up our motives in all kinds of ways but ultimately our governments do so with what they see as our own long-term strategic interests at heart. Who was it who said “if Kuwait’s main export was carrots…?”
    The sorrow of this is that this has been the greatest recruiting agent terrorist organisations like Al Qaida could possibly have wished for. It’s almost as if they play us like an instrument, knowing we will always react with pride and hubris and desire for revenge as our motives. It really is highly unintelligent.
    By all means pray for these Christian communities and I too wish them safety and freedom from persecution, just as I wish that for every human being, regardless of race, nationality or religion. But I respectfully suggest that people also pray for reason and humility to descend upon the governments of our own countries so that we may not repeat the same mistakes. Frankly, from my point of view, I think we have a great deal of urgent work to do on ourselves and should focus our attention, money, energy and prayers too on that.
    Kind regards,
    (for the record: white, Anglo-Saxon, born ‘Church of England).

  • nnmnns

    David is right.

  • Saadaya

    I don’t know what leads people to think the uprisings will bring about democracy. These people allowed themselves to be governed by only this one man for three decades: clearly they don’t have democratic values. Democracy takes time to gain roots and become strong, and in Muslim and Christian nations that are extremely religious and superstitious there is always a strong anti-democracy and anti-human rights set of values that is hard to eradicate.

  • nnmnns

    Of course it doesn’t help when the US sends billions of dollars in foreign aid to prop up those dictators. In this case so we could be sure of access to the Suez Canal and so Egypt would go along with our misguided unconditional support of Israel.

  • Gary Mac

    The traditions of these people were set thousands of years ago and to think those traditions will change is futile. It is in their nature for violence and they love the aspects of it. If it were a democracy, they wouldn’t be happy, if it under their current rule they won’t be happy. If other countries would just leave them alone they will work this out on their own and find another leader who promises change they are not going to like.

  • nolan jr.

    This is proof we are living in the last days! Get your self right with God now!

  • david “craig wise

    I pray not only for the Christian people of Egypt but for ALL egyptians!! May God Bless all of them and let the Islamic people see Gods Grace in this matter and turn to Him!! The Egyptian people are the most friendly, pleasant and respectful people I ever met. I currently am playing a 25 year old a game of chess on and we have been playing for 4 years. He is the most respectful person I have EVER met – I am 58 and he is 25. Just common courtesy that so many of our youth here in the USA no longer extend to the elderly…!!! Or any one for that matter…
    Peace and Blessings!

  • pandora

    You had some nice points here. I done a research on the topic and got most peoples will agree with you

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