Prayer, Plain and Simple



Protests continue in Tunisia after prime minister, Mohamed Ghannouchi , announced a national unity government on Monday. Hoping to quell the turbulence following the ouster President Zine El Abidine Ben Ali, Ghannouchi, an ally of Ben Ali who is retaining his following the coup has dispatched military forces to streets to suppress demonstrations.

While three opposition leaders, including Nejib Chebbi, a founder of the opposition PDP party will take up posts in the new government, other opponents of Ben Ali’s rule have taken to the streets to demand that new government exclude Ali’s cronies and purge the nation of all remnants of his iron-fisted regime.

“God bring peace to Tunisia. Give courage to those seeking and fighting for justice and freedom. Let your light shine in the midst of the darkness of fear and uncertainty. May those few in this nation who know True Peace, the Prince of Peace, arise now and open the way the true New Government, the Kingdom of the One Living God, and his Son, Jesus!”

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