Prayer, Plain and Simple

Denver Broncos wide receiver Kenny McKinley was found dead in his apartment Monday in an apparent suicide. McKinley was 23.

McKinley’s death is the latest in a series of tragedies that have hi the Broncos. Cornerback Darrent Williams was shot and killed in a drive-by shooting on New Year’s Day 2007. Three months later running back Damien Nash collapsed and died following a charity basketball game in St. Louis.

Suicide leaves a scar of immense pain and guilt and on the family and friends of victims of suicide. McKinley’s teammates and his family and friends have to work through not only the sorrow losing him but regrets and second guessing. Each will inevitably ask themself, “What did I miss?” “What could I have done?” “Did I cause him to make this terrible choice?” They will be confused. They will be shamed and broken. They will be angry.

McKinley’s death highlights the terrible tragedies endured by the families and friends of the 30,000 people who take their own lives every year in the U.S.

“God we pray today for the friends and family and teammates of Kenny McKinley. We do not know what terrible inner pain and suffering led him to make this dark and hopeless decision to take his life. We trust you with his soul, knowing that you know all things and your love is perfect. We pray today for all those who suffer with thoughts and temptations to end their lives. Give courage and help. Give those around the insight to see the signs of despair and depression. Give answers and hope. We pray too for those who survive the suicide of a loved one. Give them comfort where there is not natural comfort. Give them yourself! God, this world has great sorrow and suffering. But you above it all are GOOD and true. Today, be the God of love and comfort for those who most need you… Those left behind after a suicide death. In Jesus…”

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