Prayer, Plain and Simple

A man identified as James Jay Lee, who once protested the Discovery Channel, has stormed the network’s Maryland headquarters carrying a gun. He apparently has a bomb strapped to his chest. Witnesses say he has taken a small number of hostages.  At the moment police are attempting to negotiate with him for the release of those taken. Lee has in the past protested various causes related to overpopulation and environmental troubles. He has written that human beings are a blight on the planet…

“God we pray now for the resolution of the hostage crisis in Maryland. We pray for those now in harm’s way. We pray for James Lee, that you will bring peace to his soul, that you will settle his frustration, and calm his anger. Give wisdom to the police attempting to free the hostages. Bring your Spirit in power to that building. Bind the forces of darkness and resolve this crisis without bloodshed. In Jesus was ask this…”


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