Prayer, Plain and Simple

Two Roman Catholic groups are playing tug-of-war atop the Empire State Building – with Mother Teresa’s 100th birthday. The iconic building’s management team decided weeks ago not to honor the soon-to-be saint by bathing the skyscrapers tower in blue and white floodlights. In refusing, they stand against the Church’s official stance against abortion. In response, the Catholic League is mounting a rally today to protest the decision and Catholics for Choice. Countering this, several other liberal lay Catholic organizations are staging a counter protest in favor of the building’s management team.

So what would Mother Teresa do? She was adamantly and vocally pro-life and against abortion. She lived her entire life for the dignity and sacred value of the least and lowest and weakest human beings, all, she said, created in the image of God. Yet she never advocated militancy or even political posturing. Where she here, what would she say to this?

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