Prayer, Plain and Simple

The chaos and destruction left behind by floods ravaging Pakistan are giving Taliban insurgents opportunity to regroup.  Over the last couple of years, the Pakistani army has succeeded in launching attacks against militants. But now, with thousands of Pakistani soldiers have been assigned to flood relief and will soon be assigned to rebuild bridges and roads after the floods – the worst in Pakistan’s history – recede. This will no doubt give Taliban a reprieve to rebuild and reorganize.

Meanwhile, cholera, which can spread rapidly after floods and other disasters, had been detected in the northwest Pakistan, where the floods first hit more than two weeks ago. About 1,500 people have died in the disaster and more than 7.9 million acres of cotton, sugar cane and wheat crops destroyed foreshadowing dire economic consequences in a country. About the 20 million people are homeless because of the floods.

Pakistan needs prayer.

“God, grant Pakistan your grace and favor. Lift the suffering Pakistan is enduring from the floods and the consequences in the wake. Give national and international leaders wisdom and courage to deal with this crisis. Stem the tide of radical elements taking advantage of the chaos. Lord, in the aftermath of this disaster, reveal your practical love and power to heal bless. In Jesus…”

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