Prayer, Plain and Simple

Massive mudslides in northwestern China have killed 337 people in the last week. An additional 1,148 people are missing. The landslides occurred early Sunday morning after heavy rains started pummeling the area Saturday.  In India, last week’s flooding killed 165 and injuring another 400 in the Indian Himalayan town of Leh. In Pakistan the same series of storms have affected at least 13.8 million people. 1,203 people are confirmed dead across the country, and 1,317 have been hurt. About 288,000 houses have been destroyed or seriously damaged, and more than 278,000 people have been rescued.

“God we pray for the victims of the flooding in Asia. We pray for health and healing for the injured, comfort for those who have lost loved ones, and wisdom and strength for those seeking to aid the suffering. God, intervene to lift the sorrow and pain. Stem the onslaught of disease and sickness. Bring recovery quickly and completely. In the name of Jesus, the healer and calmer of storms…”

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