Prayer, Plain and Simple

Pray for the families of Ted Stevens and Sean O’Keefe. Conflicting reports indicate that Ted Stevens, the longest-serving Republican senator in U.S. history who lost his seat after a corruption conviction that was later dismissed, was killed Tuesday in a small plane crash in southwest Alaska. Stevens was 86. A family friend reported today that Stevens was among five people killed in the crash, though this report has not been officially confirmed. Sean O’Keefe, former head of NASA was on board the plane and is confirmed dead.

In 1978, Senator Stevens survived a Learjet crash in Anchorage. That accident killed five people, including Steven’s wife.

Stevens became a political legend in Alaska. Nicknamed “Uncle Ted,” he was named “Alaskan of the Century” in 2000 by the state legislature. The airport in Anchorage bears his name. Stevens’ long tenure and clout on Capitol Hill, brought Alaska a substantial influence in national politics, far exceeding the State’s small population.

“God we pray today for the State of Alaska, for the Stevens’ and O’Keefe families and for all those personally and nationally impacted by the loss of the former senator and former head of NASA. Their deatsh gives us pause to consider our own mortality. We pray you will teach us to consider our own days and the inevitability of our own deaths. We pray too that in light of this tragedy that you will remind us to pray for our national leaders. We pray for their health and safety but also for their righteousness, integrity and moral strength. Send us LEADERS and not mere politicians. We pray again for your gracious blessing… In Jesus’ name…”

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