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August 2010 Archives

President Obama addresses the nation this evening from the Oval Office to announce the official end of the combat mission in Iraq. He will also discuss the United States’ future strategy in the Iraq.  After seven and a half years […]

Hurricane Earl is lashing the northeastern Caribbean today. Presently Earl is a category 3 storm, but it is gaining strength as hit heads on a course that could threaten the eastern United States later this week. The U.S. National Hurricane […]

Two Roman Catholic groups are playing tug-of-war atop the Empire State Building – with Mother Teresa’s 100th birthday. The iconic building’s management team decided weeks ago not to honor the soon-to-be saint by bathing the skyscrapers tower in blue and […]

Wildfires are raging across the west today. Blazes in Oregon, Idaho and California are being driven by hot, dry winds. Some residents have been evacuated and many homes are threatened. “God, extinguish the wildfires raging across the Western States. Protect […]

Will Israel attack Iran’s new Bushehr nuclear reactor before Russia loads fuel on Saturday? Former US ambassador to the UN John Bolton warned this week that once Russia installs the fuel Israel would no longer be willing to strike for […]

Federal appeals court decision: 14 crosses erected along Utah roads to commemorate fallen state Highway Patrol troopers betray a state endorsement of Christianity, a position which violates the U.S. Constitution. The ruling overturns a 2007 decision by a federal district […]

In Iraq today a homicide bomber blew himself up killing and injuring more than 200 new army recruits. The attack, one of the bloodiest in months, comes just two weeks before all but 50,000 U.S. troops head home and highlights […]

The chaos and destruction left behind by floods ravaging Pakistan are giving Taliban insurgents opportunity to regroup.  Over the last couple of years, the Pakistani army has succeeded in launching attacks against militants. But now, with thousands of Pakistani soldiers […]

Pray for the families of Ted Stevens and Sean O’Keefe. Conflicting reports indicate that Ted Stevens, the longest-serving Republican senator in U.S. history who lost his seat after a corruption conviction that was later dismissed, was killed Tuesday in a […]

Massive mudslides in northwestern China have killed 337 people in the last week. An additional 1,148 people are missing. The landslides occurred early Sunday morning after heavy rains started pummeling the area Saturday.  In India, last week’s flooding killed 165 […]