Prayer, Plain and Simple

Prayer, Plain and Simple

Shavuot becomes Pentecost

posted by Mark Herringshaw

Today is Pentecost Sunday, the day Christians remember the coming of the Holy Spirit. The story is told in Acts chapter 2.

50 days following Passover Jews celebrate the high holy feast called Shavuot, or Pentecost, to commemorate when God gave the Law through Moses to the Jewish people, carving the 10 Commandments in stone.  We remembered that feast Wednesday this last week.  God’s Law (Torah) contains hundreds of stipulations covering every aspect of life. These detailed laws are a fence keeping the Jews back from the precipice of disobedience.

While the Law carved on stones was a great gift the Prophet Jeremiah promised that one day God would do something even more wonderful – he would carve his law INSIDE the hearts of his people.

“This is the covenant I will make with the house of Israel after that time,” declares the LORD. I will put my law in their minds and write it on their hearts.  I will be their God, and they will be my people (Jeremiah 31:33).”

 This “law in our hearts” takes the fence from outside to inside, so that our motives and desires not just our behaviors conform to God’s plan.

This is what Christians believe happened on Pentecost Sunday. We believe that the coming of the Holy Spirit in power and fire brought the fence of God’s Torah into our hearts. This fulfilled the promises of Shavuot. Now God doesn’t have to restrain our behaviors, he can lead and guide us with the Spirit. Through the Holy Spirit God now lives within his people, making us, not a physical building, his temple.

Today we remember that all those who welcome the Holy Spirit are free from the Law. We are free not to ignore the Law but to have the Law INSIDE us, compelling our desires not constraining and restraining our actions. Pentecost means that we are guided by God with our will, not against it. We are free to fulfill the Law because Jesus himself has already completed it, and then by living in us living it through us.

“God we thank you for the power and purpose of Pentecost. We thank you for sending the Holy Spirit to be with, in, and upon us. We thank you that the Spirit has come to write you Law, your will upon our hearts. This means we are free, not compelled to follow you! Thank you for the freedom of Pentecost. Thank you for the sweet presence of your Spirit, that you guide us and comfort us, and teach us, and grant us power to live Jesus’ character and Jesus’ actions. Renew again the vividness of Pentecost in our lives and in our churches. We ask for a reawakening of this great gift. Come, Holy Spirit and once again fulfill the promises of Shavuot! In Jesus!” 

  • Shoshana

    You stated:” Today we remember that all those who welcome the Holy Spirit are free from the Law. We are free not to ignore the Law but to have the Law INSIDE us, compelling our desires not constraining and restraining our actions. Pentecost means that we are guided by God with our will, not against it. We are free to fulfill the Law because Jesus himself has already completed it, and then by living in us living it through us. ”
    I can only agree with the part about desiring to follow what are in effect the teachings of Yah. He gave Israel and those foreigners attached to her (geer) teachings and guidelines to follow. The statement ‘free from the law’ is fallacious on two accounts. First it isn’t really a ‘law’, second if we say we follow Him and and truly His, how can we even want to be free from His teachings?
    The other thing I will like to point out is that the new covenant described in Jeremiah 31 and also Ezequiel 36, has only been fulfilled in part as the majority still follows the desires of their hearts, stating with the Christian church that forsook Yah’s Sabbath in the 4th century and replaced it with Rome’s. Oh but one is told ‘that is being under the law’. What travesty to Yah’s teaching! Calling evil good and good evil is what that is. Nowhere in scripture are we told to forsake Yah’s Sabbaths and moedim but that is precisely what the gentile church did early on as it tried to divest itself from anything that may appear to Rome as ‘Jewish’.

  • Yiska

    I would like to comment on both of you if you don’t mind, as someone is confused as one simply tries to explain that we have been given freedom to choose to follow Christ or not, thank The Lord for that first and formost. Secondly, the true Sabbath comes from the Hebrew Shabbat, meaning Saterday. Look at our calender now, what day is the first day of the week? Sunday then Monday so on and so forth. Simple, yet most Christians are blinded of this simple truth. Just like Jesus looks white, blue eyes and blond hair. That is why many will be fooled when Satan comes on a white horse to the believers, looking like Jesus and acting like Jesus. Many will be fooled because of the conditioning of the photos and paintings of how Jesus was depicted. Make sence? Thirdly, when someone tries to explain a Holy Feast or simply The Laws of God, listen to facts before assuming what someone has said. Because if we are talking about the same Laws of the Ten Commandments, yes they are Laws and we are not to forget them, but one most important Commandment that was given to us by Jesus Christ is (Love One Another), therefore you would not steel, not lie, not commit adultry, not kill, not covet, including all others that speak on Loving the Lord your God with all your heart, mind and strengeth as well as do not worship any other Gods and do not be idol nor make any graven images of anything of the seas, nor the earth, nor Heavens. Follow all these including the Sabbath Day and keep it Holy and you will be alright. The reason why after we except Christ, we convict ourselves to do these Laws, and we are not perfect, but we do do them to show our love and devotion to The Lord that has saved us from eternal death. So we have salvation in Christ Jesus that has said these are my Feast, not Easter not even Christmas. Who do you want to believe, man or El Shaddai(The Almighty God.)But don’t take my word for it Read The Old Testiment that speaks on future events even profecy of our times, like Zachariah Chapter 14 starting with verses 13-21. You’ll see The old Testiment does speak about and profecies of our days and even the future. A warning to us all by The Lord himself. Be one in Christ Jesus not devided know it alls. As Abraham of old has said, “Come Let US Reason Together.” AMEN AND AMEN.

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