Prayer, Plain and Simple

I just went out and bought 5 fresh, hand wrapped tamales, all in honor of Cinco de Mayo! Hallelujah for Mexico and a blessed Cinco de Mayo to her and to all Mexicans living home or abroad. You have contributed much to the world, and tamales are the least of these treasures!

Today, the 5th of May commemorates the Mexican army’s unlikely victory over French forces at the Battle of Puebla. The Mexican army won on May 5, 1862, under the leadership of General Ignacio Zaragoza Seguin. Patriots the world over celebrate today in honor of Mexican pride and heritage. We join them. May God bless Mexico.

Mexico, like all nations and cultures has strengths and weaknesses. Yes, Mexico suffers from a stark separation of haves and have-nots. Yes, Mexico is afflicted by corruption in government and business. Yes, some border cities in Mexico are nearly crippled by drug trafficking and violence. But with all their problems Mexico is still a wonderful, beautiful country, with a rich and glorious history, filled with hospitable, hardworking and creative people. God has blessed Mexico with a deep spiritual passion as well. Her people have a rich faith in God. I know from times I’ve visited Mexico that few people on earth can worship with as much abandonment, can pray with as much faith, and can serve with as much graciousness as our brothers and sisters in Mexico. Today, we lift our voices in prayer that God’s destiny for Mexico and Mexicans would be realized.

“God, today is Cinco de Mayo and we join with Mexico and Mexican’s around the world, thanking you for this nation and her people and asking for your blessing on them. You have made Mexico a rich and healing, where healing is necessarily. May your power purge Mexico from corruption and an abuse of power. May you do battle against the drug cartels and may this blight of violence be shattered by your own hand. We pray for a growing balance of provision in Mexico. May those who have much learn to open their hearts and hands to those who have little. And may those who suffer in poverty have the faith and courage and wisdom to rise up and take hold of the opportunities available to them to rise above their lot. God, we bless the spiritual life of Mexico. Bring revival to their love and knowledge of you. Bring your Kingdom, Jesus, into the life and heart of Mexico. As they remember this day as a sign of your provision and protection, may they also look to you as their only true hero and the author and profector of their destiny. God, we bless Mexico today. Let your Kingdom come… In Jesus we pray.”

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