Prayer, Plain and Simple

Prayer, Plain and Simple

Will the Vatican Go Kosher?

posted by Mark Herringshaw

Have you heard the one about the rabbi who went to the Vatican to tell the Pope that he has the solution to the sex abuse crises scandalizing the Catholic Church? Catholics should give up giving up fish on Fridays, he said, and instead do Shabbat dinner, the traditional Friday family meal of Jews.

No joke…

American rabbi, Shmuley Boteach had an audience with Pope Benedict XVI on Wednesday to encourage the Pontiff to encourage Catholic parents to eat dinner regularly with their children. A “Turn Friday Night into Family Night” as he called it would re-establish the Catholic pro-family image battered in the wake of recent priest sex abuse scandals, Boteach claimed.

“If the Church embraces an initiative like this, which is positive, it could put a lot of the scandal behind it,'” Boteach said. “People will see the Church doesn’t just speak about opposition to gay marriage and abortion.'”

The pope appeared to be receptive to the challenge. “We have to work together on this, we have to work together on this,” Benedict XVI responded.  

Certainly no joke…

The challenge seems enriching to me. I’m not Catholic but I think our family will give this a shot… After baseball season perhaps.



  • clasqm

    “Why is this night different from other nights?”
    “Well, it isn’t really, son, but this important man in Rome who doesn’t have children of his own tells us to all be together on Fridays.”
    “On other nights we eat off our laps in front of the TV. Why are we sitting at this table?”
    “Well, when I was a kid we always ate at the table, so it’s better. We should be doing this every night, but you know how your mother feels about her soapies.”

  • Your Name

    For a family to be together at meals is a good thing. As for having a rabbi tell the head of the Catholic church what we should do is not. Tell me what would Jews think if Caholics started telling them what they should or should not be doing?.I can hear it now. Wonder what Jews think of us Goys..Google….(The Five Dancing Israelis Arrested On 9-11)…Google(USS Liberty: Cover Up).Google (Facts of Jewish Media Control). Google..(The Kosher Food Tax).Google..(IS ISRAEL BLACKMAILING AMERICA?) Wonder why you never read aby of this before? then Google..(Facts of Jewish Media Control)…..Last but not least. On the Star of David count the outside points. your get 6. Count the inside points your get 6. Now count the inside corners 6 again……..THINK!!!!

  • NXM

    The Catholic practice is not giving up fish on Fridays. It is giving up meats other than fish. It’s no long considered a requirement by the Catholic Church in any case although recommended during Lent, the 40 days leading up to Easter. The idea is to give up something that causes one to think about Christ’s sacrifice on the cross for us and about others who have little to eat. Going meatless does not mean a family can not still have their meals together on Friday or any other time, either. So the rabbi’s whole reasoning is working from some misconceptions.

  • SMM

    Thank You NXM
    You took the word right out of my mouth!

  • Rahimah

    I am not a Christian, nor a Jew, nor am I an orthodox of anything. The whole point here is that families should stay together as much as possible…have time that gives the message of the family is important. Eating together is one of those things that can make this happen. In my family, we practice eating at least one meal a day together … unless there something crops up… If one member is unable to be there, the rest of the family sits down and eat together. In most households, dinner is the best meal to be together!! And since my family is “grown” up, and all children are married, once a week we get together and eat (fortunately my 2 daughters are living in the same town), and the grandchildren get to play with their cousins!!

  • steven bourque

    who the hell are you to tell the pope to eat fish and all catholics–let me tell you something–the pope is not to blame for any bad priests–the catholic church is like running a business–like the army all are not good–being a vet and being a catholic you should get on your knees and ask GODS forgiveness–for that insulting comment obviously you have no knowledge on this subject–and are a hippo-crit—most all catholics are good people and the church doesnt need people like you—however i am sure all catholics and the pope forgives you because you are stupid–dont ever put the pope down again—-steven h bourque—

  • Your Name

    read the bible—-before you start talking stupid

  • Def-Star

    Let’s see. The Catholic church has a long and terrible history of self-sanctioned child predation and rape. So to make things better, catholic families should eat a kosher meal on Fridays to make the Church seem more friendly. Sounds like a great idea.

  • Watcher

    There will be no end to the scandals. The information will never stop coming. There will be no rest until the guilty are being raped in prison. Damn pedo-pope.

  • Mr. Ree

    It is a sad day when syncretism appears to be the answer for Pedo preists.
    Steve – your comment is way off. If you take a look at Luke 4:5-8 you’ll find that Satan owns ALL of the earthly kingdoms (governments) – that is why Jesus refused to be A king while he was here. Infact, the bible called Satan “the god of this system of things” (2 Cor 4:4). As a vet, you were in The devil’s service. Think hard on that. look At John 16:2,3 and see God’s thoughts on killing.
    Look in God’s word the bible, and tell us what Kingdom did Jesus endorse? None by man. Matt.6:9 Let YOUR (God’s) kingdom come…
    look deeper into your bible and you will see… Matt.7:15-20
    I’m not trying to make you angry – but it’s clear to those who STUDY the bible that neither Jesus, nor his followers would dare act like anything that is seen in the vatican.
    Not trying to start a fight – I’m defending the reputation of Jesus as is layed out in God’s word, the bible (Matthew 23)

  • osazee

    any one that shows consern or adei to is brothers and sisters in faith means that he or she have to good intrest of God peopel,
    i thik mr rabbi have just don feel that can help the well been of the Catholic family.
    is meeting to the Pope is not a bad adei,
    have time with your family is part of our devotion to faith, in melacgha 4, God said that he will tor the heart of the father to the son.
    in other word there shuod be a good relatioshelp with parents and their children.
    as for the scandals, that is even from the old time our Lord Jesus told us in mattehw 5, what it looks like and their is a blessing from, do it’s not easy to bear, but we pray that God give us the Grace to do so.

  • ej

    well it sounds nice, but in reality it will take much more than that to put behind what has been done for so long behind closed doors in the catholic church, especially since it involved mostly children… but it’s a starting point… not nearly as important as revealing all who are responsible and making them face justice just as any other person would have to who wasn’t protected by their position in the richest and most powerful church in the world…
    Oh and one more thing… that last comment about (after baseball season ends) makes it sound less serious and more like scoffing… bad idea.

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