Prayer, Plain and Simple

Prayer, Plain and Simple

Praying for You Michele McGinty

posted by nsymmonds

Michele McGinty is a blogger here at Beliefnet on Reformed Chicks Blabbing, who has been struggling with cancer for some time now. We received an update saying that her cancer has returned and it is very aggressive. She is experiencing a great deal of pain and gastrointestinal distress and has asked that we pray for her. So please join us here at Beliefnet as we pray for Michele. Also feel free to post your prayer for her on her blog.

Heavenly Father,

As Michele fights this battle with cancer, we pray for her strength. You have seen her through this before and we really want to believe that you will see her through again. We know that you are Jehovah Rophe, the God who mends and heals stitch by stitch. Mend and heal Michele stitch by stitch, strengthen every weak part of her body. Where there is distress, let there be relief. Where there is pain, let there be comfort. Give the doctors and specialists who are taking care of her knowledge, wisdom and discernment so that they may rightly do their job in treating and curing her. Be with Michele in her moments of quiet and help her to find you in the midst of this trial. According to your word, may your strength be made perfect in her weakness and may your grace be sufficient for her. 1 Corinthians 4:17 says, “For this light and momentary affliction is preparing for us an eternal weight of glory beyond all comparison…” We believe that this is simply a light and momentary affliction and that her healing is ever present. May your healing be made manifest in her body and as you heal her, may she find utter and complete rest in your arms. Continue to bring angels by her bedside to comfort and protect her and let there be a flood of love from all of her family and friends surrounding her in her time of need. We claim her healing in the name of Jesus, but more importantly, we claim your will be done in the life of Michele McGinty so that you can be glorified. May we continually give ourselves in prayer to you, for her.

In Jesus Name,



  • Katy R.

    Michelle, I don’t know you personally, but my prayer for you, is that God will make his face to shine upon you, turn his countenance toward you, and give you peace. God answers prayers, and many prople are praying for you. God Bless You, KR

  • Jasmine Holloway

    Michelle, I’m praying that the awesome healing power of our loving God will manifest itself in your body and that you will find blessed relief. As you heal, I pray that He surrounds you with His peace that passes understanding and that you are able to trust and put your complete faith in His miracle working abilities. Alot of people are praying for you. God Bless, Jasmine.

  • Sheree

    I pray Michele that the God of heaing & salvation will touch your body & your soul. Jesus made possble our healing & salvation by his stripes. “Who forgives all our iniquities & heals ALL the diseases” believe that God desires you to be healhy in body & spirit. May his angels & mercy surround you with his love
    give you peace & an assurance that he will never leave you or forsake you. Prayers are going up to heaven by so many for your complete healing. Have faith in his promoise to do what he said he will do…

  • nancy graham

    Michelle, i am praying for you and your family as you deal with cancer god bless nanc graham

  • Steve

    I have lost my father and other family members to various forms of this cursed disease. I am not trying to discourage you by saying this. New solutions are being discovered for many diseases all of the time. I pray that it happens in time to save your life. I have read that cancer needs an acidic environment to develop and grow. Our SALT FREE and SUGAR RICH diet probably contributes greatly to this scourge. Have your doctor check your body‘s “PH”. It should be around “7”, or higher, 7 is neutral. You can perform a simple although not very accurate test by urinating on a swimming pool test strip. If you find that you have a low PH, you can easily bring it up by drinking “Arm & Hammer “ baking soda mixed in cold water (½ Tsp. In 4 oz.), 3 to 6 times per day. And eliminating sugar from your diet, Especially High Fructose Corn Syrup. Baking Soda is used by traditional medicine prior to the administration of chemotherapy to reduce the possibility of the chemo, killing you. Talk to your doctor, Learn all you can for yourself, question everything, there is a lot of money to be made making and keeping people ill. Low cholesterol as well as cholesterol lowering drugs may be working to kill you, as low density cholesterol has been shown to play a protective role as part of our immune system. I have read alternative care reports claiming cancer may be VITAMIN “D”, deficiency. Have your doctor check that too. A day at the beach or in the yard in a bathing suit can produce 25,000 units of D3 on a reasonably sunny day without causing sunburn. But do not use sunblock ointments and such because they are laden with petrochemicals that themselves are carcinogens, and will at the very least prevent the PERFECTLY NATURAL SUNLIGHT, from doing it’s stuff. I pray for GODS’ blessing to be upon you and for his healing grace to return you to perfection as he intended you to be.

  • Barbara Gerry

    Dear Michele, my name is Barbara Gerry,and, I am so sorry that athe cancer has returned, I had breast cancer, had surgery, radiations and many other treatments, I know what you are going through, although, I don,t know you, you certainly will be in my prayers, God KNOWS,what is going on, sometime it is difficult ato understand, but keep trusting in the healing process of the Lord. I wish I could invite you for a cup of tea, and agive you a great BIG hugh, I would, love to hear from you, I know that is not possible, but remember, you are in my heart with love and affection.Barbara Gerry. my address: 1 Pheasant Drive, Rockland Maine 04841 LOve you’

  • Lowansa

    Michele, my prayers are with you as you fight the battle…remember God says the battle is not yours, but the Lords,for He is PERFECT & NEVER MAKE MISTAKES… YOU WILL CONTINUALLY BE IN MY PRAYER…GOD LUVS YOU MICHELE & SO DO I

  • Ann

    I am praying for you. Please remember that when you feel you are at your lowest point, it is when GOD is carrying you. God Bless,

  • emma thomas

    My friend had a encounter with cancer.As we all know God is in control of our life.I pray that God be with you and your family during these times.As we know cancer is just a spirit of infirmity that you have the power to speak to. You have the power to conquer this.The Bible tells us that we can speak to the mountains in our lives.We have the authority by the power of the Holy Ghost that lives in us.Jesus died that we might live and have an abundantly full life it is Gods will that you live and not die. So we are praying for a speedy recovery for you.After your deliverance from cancer please share your testimony with the rest of the world people need to hear how God healed you and saved you from cancer. God bless you and I cant wait to hear your praise report.

  • Janet

    Wow – This is an amazing way we can reach out to others. I pray for Michelle and everyone hurting with a physical illness. Think about the thousands of people praying for Michelle because she blogs. Who says the internet is a bad thing??

  • Carrie

    Michele, my prayers are with you as you battle this second bout of cancer. It has to be truly a blow to learn that it has surface once again. When I was diagnosed with breast cancer two years ago, it literally torn me apart. I never imagine myself having to deal with this disease, but with the support of my family, friends, and my Lord and Savior I was able to get through it. And, I know you will too. Whatever you do, please don’t give up. Just trust in him, for He will always be with you. May God Bless and wrap his loving arms around you.

  • Lillian-Kenya

    Michelle, Our God is faithfull and He is well able to do much more than we expect or imagine.

  • Boris

    “The great progress that has been made in medicine and in science has not necessarily been made by men and women who don’t believe in anything supernatural but it has been made by men and women who when they are studying it refuse to believe that there is anything supernatural.” – Sherwin Nuland
    emma thomas, You’re quick to credit God if modern medicine heals Michelle but if it doesn’t God won’t get the blame will he? No you’ll credit God if she’s healed and blame the doctors if she doesn’t. What a hypocrite! But then you’re a Christians so you can’t help it. Goes with the territory as every unbeliever knows.

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