Prayer, Plain and Simple

“God, frustrate Iran’s effort to build a nuclear weapon!”

Shahram Amiri, an Iranian nuclear scientist, missing since last summer has defected to the U.S. and is assisting the CIA in its efforts to undermine Iran’s nuclear program. That is good news for the world. Iran has defended its nuclear development program and is widely believed to be racing toward development of nuclear weapons. In recent years Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad has overtly threatened both Israel and the United States. Iranian possession of the nuclear weapon is seen as an existential threat by both Israel and the U.S.

We pray today that God would work against the Iranian government in their ambition.

“God, while you love the Iranian people, you are against violence, injustice, and hatred. The Iranian government has sworn violence against your people Israel and against the United States. They have leveraged their resources to pursue building a weapon that would make their threats extremely dangerous. While Israel and the United States weighs their option to stop this effort we ask you to intervene and frustrate this ambition. Bring more defectors out to light. God, engineer technical problems that will slow their research and development. Give Iranians who oppose their government courage and wisdom to know how to act effectively and wisely against this regime. Give Iranian expatriates hope that their nation will one day become a bastion of freedom and enlightenment. God, save Iran and so save the world from Iran. Awaken her people to your presence and your true character. Give them a knowledge of your true love and justice and grace. Show them Jesus. In Jesus’ name…”

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