Prayer, Plain and Simple

The U.S. House of Representatives yesterday passed the so called “Health Care Bill.” Few doubt that some sort of governmental policy change is needed in our country. Too many people have too little access to or pay too high a price for primary health care. The debate of course is over which approach is best to solve this problem. Some want government to take a more active role in delivering and monitoring care. Some believe governmental regulations are much of the problem and that tort reform and greater competition among insurance providers would lower costs. At the moment the president and his party advocating greater governmental involvement seem to be prevailing. Time will tell if this victory endures.

What remains true no matter what the government says or does or doesn’t say or do is that God alone is the author and perfector of all true and lasting health care. Jesus’ ministry in many ways centered on healing brokenness. It’s still God’s will to heal the sick and grant us health. He made our bodies to be whole. And whether God uses medical professionals, or dietary common sense, or miraculous intervention, he still can and will bring healing here and now today. To bank our hopes and trust on sloppy, compromised, incomplete and even corrupt political processes and expect humans to bring healing to humans is short sighted and foolish. Politicians and even doctors can’t bring healing and health. In fact, sometimes the effects of our best efforts create more problems than they solve.

The “morning after” we should be reminded to turn to God for true wholeness. If we expect any doctor or politician to fix our lives, we’ll be woefully disappointed. Today we’re reminded to pray.

“God, we thank you for the wisdom and knowledge and commitment you have given medical professionals. We thank you for using them millions of times each day to help in the process of healing and health in our lives. We thank you too for the public servants who intend, through public policy to help those in need. We pray that you would give them all courage and wisdom to make good and right decisions. We are, however under no illusion that the answer to our personal wholeness and health lies with doctors or government officials. You alone are our true healer. And while you use the hands of others, and also our own lifestyle choices to help deliver your will, you are the source and sustainer of all life. We ask today for healing and health. We ask that you would release a wave of blessing in this country. Instead of truing and trusting in human efforts, turn our hearts to seek and trust you. Give us courage and faith to pray for one another. When we hear of someone who is sick or suffering, remind to us to ask you for a miracle. And when we see your hand at work, we will be grateful and offer you thanks. For there is no true healing without you. In Jesus…”

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